Spotlight 2022


Teamfoto von ┬źFootprint┬╗

"Anything that is measured and watched, improves"

Bob Parsons


The drastic reduction of our carbon footprint, and thus the safeguarding of our habitat, depends in part on individual actions and even more on common measures, both at a state and economic level.


We all know our height, our weight, our shoe size, but do we have an idea of our carbon footprint?


This art project will ask around 900 people to "weigh" their carbon footprint and to imagine a measure to reduce it at an individual level and at a collective level through policies/economy. The data collected (carbon footprint, individual measure, collective measure) is then used to create an artwork.


The work is 7 meters by 3,5 meters. It takes the form of a mosaic made up of 5,000 paper cards of 70 mm in width and height. The 900 answers are integrated in this fresco (recto/verso printing). The tiles are attached to each other with small paper pegs. The front side of the tiles shows the individual measure proposed by the respondent, the back side shows the collective measure. At the bottom of each tile is the respondent's carbon footprint. The mosaic will show a large human footprint. The artwork can be hung horizontally or vertically. The work can be "updated" or adapted simply because its structure is removable.


The participants are approached through campaigns on social networks or by mailing. Ideally the group addressed should be as large as possible to encourage varied responses. Participants can answer in German, English, and if possible, in French.


The data is collected through an online questionnaire. Collaboration with WWF or myclimate is preferred (existing footprint questionnaire, existing network). The data is anonymized. Ideally, each participant receives an alphanumeric code that allows him/her to know where his/her message is located on the work.


The mission of Footprint artwork is

·        to have a limited carbon footprint (paper work, light, modular)

·        to give ideas on how to reduce the carbon footprint

·        to evolve over time

·        to bring immediate solutions

·        to be participatory and engage a community

·        to be imposing and aesthetic


The costs are estimated at about CHF 17'000.- and are divided between the production of the work, the technical solution for data recovery, marketing and the artist's remuneration.

Erstes Bild von ┬źFootprint┬╗
Footprint Artwork Simulation
Zweited Bild von ┬źFootprint┬╗
Detail Recto/Verso Tile Simulation
Drittes Bild von ┬źFootprint┬╗
Prototype Paper Tiles
Mission Model Canvas