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B-leaf Sustainable packaging service

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We B-leave in a plastic free world.

Due to the widely acknowledged challenges attached to plastic packaging (environmental degradation, health issues, etc.), the demand for sustainable and circular packaging is rising. However, there is also a lot of confusion about which alternatives are truly circular and sustainable, especially when considering the complexity of supply chains.

This poses a serious risk of harmful substitutes, which are supposedly “greener”, to enter the market and replace a problem with another. This issue is already present in Switzerland, where some composting plants stopped accepting biodegradable packaging. Indeed, many of the products sold as 100% biodegradable do not actually degrade easily in existing facilities because they are for instance too hard or thick (“L’impossible recyclage du bioplastique” ABE-RTS, 2021). Therefore, we want to develop a 360° service to accompany our clients in their transition towards sustainable packaging so that they can make wise and meaningful decisions.

B-leaf started in May 2020 by distributing compostable packaging throughout Switzerland. We notice however this is NOT enough. We want to make sure the packaging we produce is TRULY sustainable and that it is composted in the right way. If our packaging ends up in the waste bin, we can also consider having wasted our work and efforts.

Our dream is to produce a 100% sustainable packaging offer but also make sure it will be discarded optimally to bring back nutrients to the earth. We want to achieve by developing a scoring that would allow us to assess if our products are truly sustainable. As well as a partnership with Swiss cities and composting plants to implement composting collect points in restaurants/universities as well as main stations and strategic places.

The availability of collecting bins at the restaurants where the customers purchase our packaging would make it easier for them to discard it properly and they could also be rewarded with a small "caution" like 5cts every time they bring back their compostable packaging to the restaurants' bin.

To sum it up: sustainable packaging? Yes! We are already successful with it and have multiple clients. But we dream to go further and work hand in hand with multiple actors of the chain in order to have a TRUE impact. 


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Collaboration for a 100% compostable ice cream packaging (Paleta Loca)
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Sustainable truffle box for Swiss Miso
Image de «B-leaf Sustainable packaging service»
Collaboration with Sushi Zen and Manor for a 100% compostable dumpling packaging.
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