Policy Work & Advocacy

Our PACT: Policy & Advocacy Climate Transition

Our commitment to systemic change

At Clima Now, we want to drive systemic change. For us, this means that, among other things, the political foundations must be created so that Switzerland can comply with the Paris Climate Agreement by 2030 and achieve the net-zero 2050 target.

The current political legislature period is crucial for this.

This year is crucial:

  • The consultation on the «Federal Act on the Climate Protection Line, Innovation and Strengthening Energy Security (KIG)». This brings the vote of 18 June last year into implementation.
  • On 9 June 2024, Switzerland will hold groundbreaking votes for the climate and our goal towards net zero: on the «Federal Act on a Secure Electricity Supply with Renewable Energies».
  • Also on the agenda are the revision of the CO2 and Biodiversity Acts.

The political course must be set now to ensure that we remain on track. We are committed to this.

We support these projects:

«Policy Sprints» from Expedition Zukunft

Expedition Zukunft is a politically neutral initiative from civil society that supports politicians in finding solutions to complex issues more quickly. As part of the policy sprints, politicians from all parties work together with representatives from the administration, science, business and civil society to develop effective measures that can be adopted by a majority and then submitted to the federal government.

More about Expedition Zukunft

«Negotiating for Climate Action: Engaging Practitioners and Empowering Youth» by the Institute for Global Negotiation

The Institute for Global Negotiation is an NGO that promotes the use of negotiation as an essential tool for creating a more just, peaceful and sustainable world.

Clima Now supports their project «Negotiating for Climate Action: Engaging Practitioners and Empowering Youth». This aims to involve committed young actors with local roots in an international community of practice. They are supported in understanding the challenges they face and learn about tools to successfully negotiate their project.