The challenge

Global warming is threatening the lives of our children and grandchildren. It has to be halted. Let’s tackle it!

As temperatures rise globally, the risk of irreversible damage to our Earth increases. To prevent this, we must not produce more greenhouse gases than nature can absorb. Currently, we are moving further and further away from this objective. We want to change this.

Initial situation

We believe in solutions

Our approach

A different concept of bequeathing to take solutions forward.

We see ourselves as inheritance trustees who use the resources transferred to Clima Now to bequeath an Earth worth living on to future generations. The world is full of ideas and solutions for halting global warming. We support projects in the following action areas: (1) direct reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, (2) absorption of greenhouse gases, and (3) projects for social and political change to achieve more climate protection.

Our approach

Our platform for new climate ideas

There are many important climate issues and also many people with relevant ideas who don’t yet have a platform. With Spotlight, we shine a spotlight on them – making them publicly visible and debatable for all of us.

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Our commitment

This is what Clima Now commits to.

These climate solutions have convinced us and we believe in their potential to achieve a positive impact.

To the solutions
Financing request

Are you pursuing an effective climate solution and looking for support? Then we’d like to hear from you!