Congrats to the Winners!

On December 9, the winners of the Clima Now Spotlight 2021 were chosen at KOSMOS Zurich. With votes from the jury and the audience, these three projects prevailed. Many congratulations, we are looking forward to the realization of the ideas.

1st place Climate Fresk
2nd place NOW Care
3rd place Solarvignette

NOW Care
Spotlight 2021

NOW Care

Spotlight 2021


Spotlight on

The finalists of Clima Now’s Spotlight 2021 have been determined. Up next: Pitch Night!

More than 15,000 votes for climate ideas have been cast by the public! What a number - what an engagement of climate-interested people! We thank everyone who actively participated and supported their personal favorites. ❤️

The finalists thus elected will soon take the stage at the Pitch Night in Zurich. Those who impress the jury as well as the audience both in the room and at home will earn fame, support and up to 100,000 Swiss francs in project funding. 💪 Tune in: On December 9 at 6:30 pm, the live broadcast of the Pitch Night will start right here.

They're at the grand finale

How can 100,000 people be activated for the climate? Learn more about the seven inspiring ideas that made it to the grand final.

Wall of Fame 2021

Discover all climate ideas

Unfortunately, not all ideas made it to the finals. 33 very promising projects took part in the second round of Clima Now’s Spotlight, and great efforts were made to raise awareness for climate issues. We truly believe that the enthusiasm will pay off and lead to further opportunities. All ideas will therefore receive their place of honor in the Wall of Fame. Thank you for being a part of Clima Now’s Spotlight 2021!

To the Wall of Fame
They co-decide

The jury 2021

Proven experts from the fields of climate science, business development and impact financing provide Clima Now with their expertise. They review your ideas for their viability and will give vital advice and their vote at the Pitch Night. This counts for one third versus two thirds of the community in the final voting.

Portrait of Céline Fallet
Céline Fallet Managing Director wemakeit

Céline Fallet is a Swiss crowdfunding pioneer, creator, new work enthusiast and lecturer. As managing director of the crowdfunding platform wemakeit and founder of the crowd investing platform oomnium, she enables a wide variety of projects to be realized and to build a sustainable community.


Portrait of Nora Wilhelm
Nora Wilhelm Co-Founder collaboratio helvetica

Nora Wilhelm is an activist, social extrapreneur and co-founder of collaboratio helvetica, an initiative that catalyzes systemic change towards more sustainability and common good in Switzerland. She has been recognized by the Swiss government, the UN and Forbes 30 under 30, among others.


Portrait of Thomas Vellacott
Thomas Vellacott CEO WWF Switzerland

Thomas Vellacott has been CEO of WWF Switzerland since 2012. Prior to that, first as Head of Corporate Relations, and from 2003 as Head of Programs and Member of the Executive Board, he was responsible for the conception and implementation of WWF Switzerland's national and international environmental protection work until he became Deputy CEO in 2007.


Portrait of Laurène Descamps
Laurène Descamps Project Leader Impact Hub

Laurène Descamps is passionate about bottom-up climate innovation. At Impact Hub Zurich, she leads the Circular Economy Transition initiative, which aims to accelerate the transition to a resource-light Swiss economy. She also leads Climathon Zurich and is an ambassador for the global Climathon movement.


Portrait of Martin Meili
Martin Meili Chairman of the Foundation Board Clima Now

In 1970, as an exchange student in the USA, Martin Meili took part on the first Earth Day and was already confronted with the problems of climate change and the "point of no return". With his commitment to Clima Now, he wants to ensure that suitable solutions are finally promoted, and proper measures are taken.


Portrait of Bettina Kahlert
Bettina Kahlert Team Leader myclimate

Bettina Kahlert works as team leader for efficiency consulting at myclimate. She has extensive experience in the areas of sustainability and environmental management, strategic sustainable development, integrated carbon offset measures/services and awareness-raising measures.

Spotlight Edition 2021

Move and move others with you. Win 100,000 Swiss francs for your idea that activates people for the climate.

For the first Clima Now Spotlight, we are looking for great ideas that move people to positive action. The goal: You and your peers take action against climate change. You inspire as many people as possible to do the same. To make this happen, we provide financial support for the three best ideas.

It doesn't matter if you transfer knowledge, promote activism, make a difference with gamification, create natural ecosystems or if you reach others through a product or social gatherings. Anything is possible that inspires others. The key question: How can up to 100,000 people be activated for the climate?

Ideas could be submitted until 30 September 2021. Now a first selection will be made by our expert jury before the ideas are presented on our "Wall of Fame" from 1 November.

Clima Now awards a total of 175’000 Swiss francs to the three winning projects. The prize money is supplemented by Clima Camp modules. In addition, we will finance a professional coaching for a year for the winner idea. This is powered by our partner One Planet Lab.
Your road to success

The Spotlight process

1. Submit idea

Ideas from the community could be submitted until 30 September 2021. From 1 to 31 October 2021 inclusive, our expert jury will select the ideas submitted so far and examine them for their feasibility, among other things.

The jury consists of experts from the fields of climate science, business development and impact financing. The ideas selected by the jury will be presented on the "Wall of Fame" from 1 November.

2. Public Voting

Fame to whom fame is due. All ideas that have been approved by the jury will be showcased on our website from November 1 to 30. On our Wall of Fame, all ideas get their own place and can be evaluated, discussed and shared by the public.

And there will be a public voting: Visitors have three votes each and the crowd decides who makes it to the final Pitch Night. Fingers crossed!

3. Pitch Night

The seven winners from the public voting will take the stage at the Pitch Night in December 2021 in Zurich. Who will impress the jury and the audience in the room and online? Everyone gets seven minutes to pitch their idea in the spotlight.

In a followed voting, the three best ideas will be awarded. Those who make it through the last round with flying colours have already achieved a lot and harvest fame, financing and support. Are you in? The stage is yours!

Why Spotlight?

Many people with strong climate ideas do not have a stage. With Spotlight, we shine a light on them – making their ideas publicly visible and debatable for all of us. NOW.

In partnership with WWF Switzerland and One Planet Lab, we are making the very first call for Clima Now Spotlight Edition 2021. We invite everyone to submit ideas and then to decide on their favourites jointly by means of a collective voting.

The voting winners will take the stage at the Spotlight Pitch Night in December 2021. The winner who convinces the jury and the audience will receive financing. Clima Now supports the three first-place projects with a total of 175,000 Swiss francs.

Support for your idea

Spotlight Partner

Our strategic partners help us to successfully realize Clima Now projects. Winners of the Spotlight can benefit from their know-how and network to turn their ideas into success.

Logo of «WWF Switzerland»

WWF Switzerland

WWF is committed to biodiversity and sustainable resource use in over 100 countries. WWF's goal is to stop the global destruction of the environment and to shape a future in which people and nature live in harmony.

Logo of «One Planet Lab»

One Planet Lab

One Planet Lab designs and shows paths to the world of tomorrow. Towards a future in which we only consume as many resources as our planet can provide. To go this path, people find support at One Planet Lab. Through knowledge and networking, pioneers are helped to implement and develop projects.