Backing Founders who solve our planet's most pressing challenges

Our investments in startups generate a direct impact that is measurable. Clima Now makes pre-seed & seed investments of up to half a million Swiss Francs from companies based in Western Europe.

Our investment focus

We invest in startups that offer a solution for tackling the planet's largest environmental problems. We focus our investment activities on GET FAST DRAWDOWN:

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Green Energy Transition

The decarbonization of the energy sector and associated value chains is a critical success factor on the path to a netzero world. We focus on solutions which optimize energy utilization, stabilize grids and integrate green energy effectively. We back solutions that minimize project risks for CAPEX-intensive infrastructure while creating positive feedback loops to attract profit-oriented capital for new energy investments.

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Food & Agricultural System Transition

The agricultural sector contributes 20% to the total annual GHG emissions and practices lead to land surface sealing, loss of biodiversity and replacement of wetlands and forests by agriculture. We back solutions that reduce agricultural losses throughout the production chain, optimize energy efficiency and that promote a shift towards plant-based diets, ensuring nutritional security.

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Carbon Drawdown

To mitigate climate change, we are focusing not only on reducing carbon emissions but also on backing Negative Emission Technologies (NETs) that permanently capture atmospheric carbon. We back Carbon Dioxide Removal technologies distinguished by high permanence of carbon storage and strong scalability without compromising the environment.

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What Impact Investing means to us

Our impact strategy centers on responsible, science-backed solutions that substantially drive system change within our three focus areas. We exclusively support purpose-driven founders whose business models' success is directly tied to positive and measurable impact on a net zero world. We review the impact of the solutions using our internal impact framework. Together with the start-ups, we continuously monitor their key performance indicators (KPIs) and their overall potential.

What startups are we looking for?

  • Diverse and purpose-driven founders: It is our responsibility to provide capital to founding teams that are value-driven and diverse. We firmly believe that diverse and inclusive teams work better in the long term.
  • Scalable business models with quantifiable impact: We seek solutions that play a signifcant role in changing global systems by mitigating climate change effects or promoting resource efficent practices & processes. Large markets are addressed and the climate impact is directly linked to the business success of the start-ups.
  • Early-stage with industry disruption potential: We seek early-stage solutions (pre-seed/seed) with breakthrough technologies (TRL<7) based in Western Europe. We support solutions with tickets ranging from CHF 0.2 - 0.5 M and and attach great importance to the composition of the investor consortium. We don't lead rounds.

We currently pursue these approaches

Climatetech is here to stay! Within our focus areas, we are setting this investment emphasis for 2024:

  1. Blue Carbon
    Global oceans have absorbed more than 90% of anthropogenic excess heat and offer significant potential for carbon dioxide storage (15 gigatons annually). Simultaneously, they are threatened by rising CO2 saturation and ocean acidification, putting immense stress on marine ecosystems. We recognize ventures employing scalable technologies such as ocean alkalinity enhancements, microalgae cultivation or electrochemical carbon dioxide removal and are committed to investing in these groundbreaking CDR methods. Linked with strong MRV and addressing marine life importance, these ventures will offer durable, cost-effective and impactful carbon removal solutions.
  2. Energy Storage & Grid Power Communities
    The continued rise of renewables is fueling the need for effective Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES) solutions beyond conventional Li-ion batteries such as thermal or mechanical energy storage. We also see rare metals & minerals as critical commodities in the energy transition and that battery recycling technologies targeting them will receive our investment attention. Furthermore, we expect to witness more self-sustaining grid communities (microgrids) and underlying technologies to manage and optimize these which will also be a key investment focus for Clima Now in 2024.
  3. Climate-Smart & Regenerative Agriculture
    Upstream foodproduction must become more sustainable and adaptive to our changing climate. We observe and support novel agricultural practices such as tech-supported soil health management systems, which can help mitigate climate change and optimize long-term yield. Additionally, we back the further rise of viable and climate-friendly low-tech food sources to meet the caloric needs of a 10 billion world population by the year 2050.
Investment application

Do you have a startup in the areas of Green Energy Transition, Food & Agriculture or Carbon Drawdown and are looking for an investor?

The Investment Committee

Martin Meili, President of the Foundation Board

“Our Earth is our heritage. I am assuming responsibility for this. Now!”

Martin Meili worked for 30 years as a general practitioner in a group practice in Zurich. Through, he and his brothers have been funding projects that are combating climate change for a long time already. In 1970, he took part in the first-ever Earth Day as an exchange student in the USA and already then was confronted with the problems of climate change and the “point of no return”. With his commitment to Clima Now, he would like to work to ensure that viable solutions are at last promoted and appropriate measures adopted. Martin is president of the foundation board of Clima Now.

Nathalie Moral, Co-Founder / CEO

“I want to actively shape the future instead of waiting.”

Swiss-born Nathalie, who has a Spanish background, was already influenced in her childhood by the social commitment of her parents, who worked in India. After graduating from the University of St. Gallen and subsequently working in consulting with PwC in London and Bain & Company and Zurich, she was employed by LGT Venture Philanthropy before founding her own consultancy, mavia, in Zurich in 2012.

The idea for Clima Now originated from her many years of cooperation with the Meili family, out of a shared desire to focus on the most important issue facing society today and to pool resources accordingly. Nathalie is the Executive Director of Clima Now.

Marco Schneider, Impact Portfolio Manager

The future belongs to those who innovate for a greener world

From a young age, Marco was profoundly inspired by people who embrace risks and envision a brighter world. Consequently, he pursued his studies in Entrepreneurship at the Copenhagen Business School. He was astounded by the significant strides that the Nordic country had taken in climate action compared to Switzerland. Marco dedicated the following years to establishing innovative ventures for the Migros Group, with the goal of enhancing the overall quality of life in Switzerland.

He firmly believes in the transformative potential of creative destruction, where innovative solutions combined with capital, drive the societal changes necessary to safeguard our climate.

Dirk Muench, Serial Impact Entrepreneur

«Innovative approaches like that of Clima Now are needed to counteract climate change. Through my participation on the Investment Committee, I hope to be able to make a small contribution to the Foundation’s success.»

Dirk Muenchis an analyst, entrepreneur and impact investor. He co-founded Persistent, the largest impact venture builder in Africa, which has led to the formation of over 15 companies. Dirk is a co-founder of the Energy Access Entrepreneur Fund, which finances energy companies in Africa through their early growth stages, and an independent board member at Übermorgen Ventures. Dirk’s motivation is to foster global sustainable development and in particular to minimize climate change.

Tina Dreimann, Founder Business-Angel-Network

Tina Dreimann is co-founder and managing director of better ventures and, as an investor, wants to shift the fixed stars of our economy. With better ventures, she supports founders by bringing relevant entrepreneurial experience and a relevant network beyond initial financing. Tina has helped build various start-ups. She is convinced that value-driven entrepreneurs improve the world and that profit should not take precedence over impact.