┬źPolicy Sprints┬╗ from Expedition Zukunft

Switzerland's political system reaches its limits when it comes to complex issues such as the climate, AHV or European policy. Expedition Zukunft is a politically neutral initiative from civil society and supports politicians in finding solutions to complex issues more quickly.

As part of the policy sprints, politicians from all parties work together with representatives from the administration, academia, business and civil society to develop effective measures with majority support, which are then submitted to the federal government.

The Swiss political system is not a system designed for consensus in order to find quick solutions. At the same time, complex issues such as climate change, the financing of the AHV and relations with Europe require rapid and ambitious progress.

Clima Now supports the activities and sprints of Expedition Future in the climate sector

This problem is evident in climate policy: there is no cross-party and forward-looking climate policy in Switzerland. Political frameworks must be designed innovatively by actively involving stakeholders, developing positive narratives and working with contemporary methods. In the policy sprints, measures are developed with everyone - politics, administration, business, science and civil society - that are both effective and capable of gaining majority support.

Previously supported policy sprints were:

  • On June 15, 2022, the first sprint was submitted to the summer session. This was about "Climate-neutral transport". The measures and initiatives can be found under the link. There is also a video about the drafting process.
  • On June 27, 2022, 25 experts from parliament, the administration, business, academia and civil society will discuss the topic of a climate-positive financial centre.
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Submission of the measures for the first policy sprint "Climate-neutral transport". From left: Pascal M├╝ller-Scheiwiller (Expedition Zukunft), Jon Pult (SP), Barbara Schaffner (GLP), Martin Candinas (center), Matthias Michel (FDP), Paolo Marioni (Expedition Zukunft). Photo: Jasmin Frei

The development and realization of the collaborative innovation methods of Expedition Zukunft is made possible by the Migros Pioneer Fund.

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