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Einhundert Energie GmbH - EXIT

Decarbonisation in the real estate sector through digitally powered solar electricity

What Einhundert does

The Cologne-based company EINHUNDERT Energie GmbH is a leading partner for scalable tenant electricity across the entire building portfolio. It supports real estate companies in decarbonising the power supply of buildings and tenants by means of photovoltaic systems and green electricity.

The company was founded in 2017 by Dr Ernesto Garnier and Markus Reinhold. EINHUNDERT already manages 300 apartment buildings with solar systems and combined heat and power plants, and 400 more are in the pipeline. They employ 60 people.

Why Clima Now invested in Einhundert

The use of digital electricity meters and a proprietary software platform automates the process. The platform visualises energy flows in buildings and bills tenants' consumption in real time on a monthly basis.

Clima Now supported EINHUNDERT for the rollout of solar power. Their goal is to turn real estate into digitally operated solar power plants in the next few years.

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Solar power on apartment buildings
Tenant electricity through digitally operated solar systems
The founders of Einhundert Energie: Dr Ernesto Garnier (left) and Markus Reinhold (right)