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Institute for Global Negotiation

Non-profit association aimed at improving the understanding of the nature and processes of global negotiation.

The IGN aims to promote and support the use of negotiation as an essential tool for creating a more just, peaceful and sustainable world. To this end, it carries out projects such as organizing events, participating in research projects and courses, and developing educational materials.

Thus, they address students, academics* and practitioners alike. The IGN strives for exchange and cooperation between individuals and institutions concerned with the theoretical and practical aspects of global negotiations - in short, to build a bridge between practice and theory.

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Clima Now supports their project "Negotiating for Climate Action: Engaging Practitioners and Empowering Youth". This aims to engage committed young actors with local roots in an international community of practice to help them understand the challenges they face and the tools they can use to successfully negotiate their project.

The IGN is a non-profit, politically neutral association based in Zurich. The Chair of Political Philosophy at the University of Zurich has a seat on the association's board and cooperates with the IGN in organizing and conducting events at the university.