konsumGLOBAL - Closed

Interactive city tour for schoolchildren on the topics of consumption, resources and climate

konsumGLOBAL is an event on the topics of sustainable consumption, globalisation and climate, aimed at young people aged 13 and over in class groups. A city tour uses numerous examples to illustrate the connections between everyday consumer behaviour and climate change.

The city tours are led by young city guides who meet the needs of the audience and engage in dialogue at eye level. konsumGLOBAL aims to motivate pupils to reflect on their own lifestyle and make more conscious purchasing decisions. Discussions are encouraged and positive alternatives for action are presented.

The konsumGLOBAL project is enjoying high demand and would like to expand and professionalise its offering accordingly. Tours on the topics of food and sustainable nutrition, waste and low waste and consumption and minimalism are currently offered in Basel, Bern and Zurich.