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[Y]our 2040

[Y]our 2040 mission is to curate a coalition of the willing to accelerate the transition to a planetary boundary compatible society

The world does not need another event.

The world does need communities which can find ideas worth implementing; teams which can find actions worth amplifying; individuals able to deepen and accelerate their impact.

[y]our2040 will be a community gathering leveraging some useful elements of the world’s best events, and blending them into a unique environment for pausing, sharing, reinforcing and committing to run the transition marathon together.

On 19-22 September 2021 we will welcome 100 people on site in Laax. These individuals will be selected either by application or invitation. The digital community will consist of individuals and global ‘nodes’ who/which will have access to a selection of the activities.

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Are you pursuing an impactful and climate-relevant project and looking for support? Then we want to hear from you!