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Fermify - Cheese without cow

Vegan milk protein production on a large scale using a fully automated production platform

What Fermify does

Fermify is a deep tech company that develops fully automated production platforms for casein proteins. This can solve the problem of large-scale milk protein production. Founded in November 2021 by Eva Sommer and Christoph Herwig, Fermify today employs a team of 18 top-class scientists and engineers with knowledge in continuous bioprocess engineering, molecular biology, process digitization and food science. Their goal is to change the dairy market by 2027.

Why Clima Now is investing in Fermify

Fermify's IP-protected continuous fermentation process has the potential to reduce ongoing process costs by up to 50% compared to conventional batch fermentation. This means that costs comparable to those of conventional cheese can be achieved in the coming years.
They thus meet the need to offer the taste experience of cow's milk cheese with plant-based cheese alternatives. Several food companies would like to enter the market for cheese alternatives, but have not yet been able to develop satisfactory products with plant-based ingredients. Fermify makes it possible to use biotechnological solutions for the next generation of cheese.

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