Swiss Energy Foundation - Closed

The Swiss Energy Foundation SES is a recognized non-profit and tax-exempt foundation based in Zurich which has been advocating a human- and environmentally-oriented energy and climate policy since it was established in 1976. Its vision is an energy supply derived entirely from renewable domestic sources.

In order to reduce Switzerland’s greenhouse gas emissions to net zero as quickly as possible, the energy sector (accounting for 80% of emissions) must be decarbonised rapidly. The solutions here are known and feasible, unlike for other sectors.

The key lies in politics over the next four years or so: a revision of the relevant energy law has been announced for summer 2021 and the discussions in Parliament have already begun. However, the pace of expansion adopted to date is too slow. The climate strike, the glacier initiative, the current parliament and Federal Councillor Sommaruga as head of the Department of Energy form a promising configuration for taking decarbonisation forward more quickly.